Oh, to be a dog!

The last few weeks have gone by so slowly and so quickly. How is that possible? Time is a funny thing and I’m almost convinced that it doesn’t really exist in the linear fashion that we believe it does. How is it that one second you can be on the other side of the world and then suddenly you’re sitting in your own bed at home? Or that you can wake up one day and realize that you’ve lived somewhere for four years and suddenly it’s over? Why is it that time seems to go by faster and faster as the years go by? And how is it possible that we can go through life so quickly without really enjoying the ride and loving every second of it because it might be over before we know it?

I wonder what it’s like to not know the time. To not have a word for Monday, seconds, months, or tomorrow. I wonder what it’s like to not look at a clock or think that you have to be somewhere in five minutes. I wonder what its like to not know that tomorrow you’re going to be living in a new house and that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. What is it like to only worry about chasing a ball, getting scratched behind your ear, eating your next meal and sniffing someone else’s back end?

It must be nice to be a dog!


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